We are working with Japanese mosaic/censored video production companies in Japan. We bring in the high quality Japanese adult HD video to the U.S. customers.
We are offering Japanese adult HD videos for our members to download.


No, all of avposting.com’s HD videos are censored, mosaic and blur.
No, not at the moment. All videos must download to your local drive to play.
All videos are encoded in MP4.
All videos are encoded in 1080P.
Yes, once the video is completed download, it will stay in your PC or your cloud server forever. You can watch it anytime


Absolutely no! Download all you want and all you can.
You must become a member, in order for you to download the videos.


Please click here to select a membership that fit you. Thank you.

- All you can download without any restrictions or limitations.

- 3 to 5 new videos weekly for members to download.

- Keep the videos forever, no strip attached.


It will shown “Optical Xtreme”